Smile For Life.
An Introduction
My name is Syifa Hana. I was born on 7 December at Indonesia. I loves to kill everybody who remove credit, especially you're :D replace my profile with ur own.My Hobby is Basketball, and Surfing the Internet. Emir Mahira Salim's♥☺ and My IP is Thanks Babe.
Warning;Sekarang syifa udah kelas 6 semester 2. Artinya, untuk sekarang syifa belum bisa Buka Blog lama - lama. Untuk 3 Bulan ini, aku harus konsentrasi untuk Ujian. Tapi, kalau UNSDnya udah selesai. Pasti aku langsung buka Blog kok. Tenang aja. Ok? Doain ya! :D
Mood; Maybe, Happy.
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Your IP is: Yeah, I Have your IP. So, do not try to copy the slightest in my blog. Exchange link is Opened. My blog using Indonesia & English Language. Always cheerful, and keep spirit. Standing on my blog. and Have fun, darl!